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Air Force: Miniature Medals

The following is a study of the Air Force regulations concerning miniature medals. In general if there are not specific regulations concerning miniature medals, we assume that they follow the full size medals.

Ripped from the Regs: Medal Configuration

In the air force you have your choice of how you wear your miniature medals.  You can choose with holding bar, which would be the permanently mounted and perhaps overlapped.  You can also choose with mounting bar which would not be permanent and slide on to a mounting bar.  The mounting bar option will only be 4 medals wide.

Air Force Medal Chart.

You must overlap past four miniature medals wide.

If wearing more than 4 miniature medals on one row, each medal equally overlaps the medal to the left. The overlap does not exceed 50 percent.

Note: Concerning the rack builder, if you choose the overlapping option the medals will be permanently assembled. Rather if you choose no overlapping you will be able to slide the medals off the mount in order to update.

Miniature Medal Configuration Examples

Air Force Miniature Medal Example Configurations.

Ripped from the Regs: Device Configuration

There are not many regulations pertaining to miniature devices, so if nothing is mentioned, referring to the ribbons and full sized medals regulation is suggested.

Wear miniature devices on miniature medals.

Wear regular devices on regular medals and regular ribbons; miniature devices on miniature ribbons and medals. Wear all the same size devices.

Wear miniature oak leaves on miniature medals.

Oak-leaf clusters are issued in three sizes and two colors. The larger size is worn on the suspension ribbon of the medal, the middle size on the service ribbon, and the smaller size on the miniature medals and ribbons.

Note: The previous are the only device regulations that specifically reference full size medals for the rest of the regulations please see the Air Force Ribbon Regulations.


Note: The previous are the only device regulations that specifically reference miniature medals for the rest of the regulations please see the Air Force Ribbon Regulations or Air Force Medal Regulations.

The following is an example of miniature devices on miniature ribbons according to the previous regulation and our interpretation.

Air Force Medal Device Example Configurations.

As for the rack builder we interpret the regulations concerning miniature medals as follows:

  • Only 5 devices per row
  • Devices will always be centered unless more than 5 are selected, they will then be evenly distributed in two evenly spaced columns.
  • The silver devices will go above bronze as the V device will go above silver devices

Note: These interpretations are based on physical spacing on the miniature medals.